The UK digital tech sector is world-leading and growing rapidly:

  • Tech companies are constantly looking for talented people and not just those with computing qualifications. If you are creative, good at problem solving, good at team work and learn quickly then you could have a career in the tech sector.
  • Working in the tech sector can have lots of advantages as well as good pay – like interesting jobs, lots going on, flexible working hours, casual dress code and good social facilities.
  • The average annual salary for professional people working in IT is £49,289.
  • Approximately 57,000 IT developer jobs are advertised online each month and there are constantly lots of new jobs because the sector is growing five times faster than other areas.
  • Digital tech jobs are not just in the tech sector – many tech professionals work outside the sector in the IT departments of retail, finance, manufacturing and public sector organisations.
  • There are many different types of role – like project managers, user experience designers, producers, graphic artists, digital marketers, as well as programmers.
  • In fact, there are lots of jobs in the tech sector that are nothing to do with coding that require artistic, writing, organisational or business skills.

Sheffield has a strong tech sector:

  • There are 22,034 digital tech jobs in Sheffield and about 10,000 new members of staff will be required in tech in the region by 2024 (Tech Nation 2018 report).
  • Sheffield Digital is a well established and growing employer association which offers all kinds of information, advice and support.
  • Sheffield’s two universities produce around 700 computer science and computing graduates per year.
  • Sheffield has significant strengths in creative technologies (like games, apps, marketing), learning technologies and mobility tech  for individuals and transport systems.
  • Sheffield is home to one of the UK’s biggest games developers, Sumo Digital and also to the largest PlayStation teaching lab in the world based at Sheffield Hallam University.
  • Located just outside Sheffield, Factory 2050 ‘the factory of the future’ is a purpose-built ‘smart’ digital factory where companies collaborate to research and develop new technology in robotics and automation.

Useful links:

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We work closely with IT and digital businesses and continue to witness huge growth in these sectors, and an ever increasing demand for skills. Young people will shape the digital future by creating technologies that aren’t yet available. Louisa Harrison-Walker, Managing Director at Benchmark Recruit, Sheffield

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