Here you can find information about courses and training options to be able to enter the digital tech sector after leaving school at 18.

There is a wide range of degree and postgraduate courses available at both of Sheffield’s highly regarded universities. Or you could do an apprenticeship – either at Level 4 (equivalent to the first part of a degree) or a full degree apprenticeship. There are also new organisations springing up offering fast-track ways of retraining to learn code and become a programmer. Find out more below…

Degrees at Sheffield Hallam University

Sheffield Hallam University offers a wide range of courses covering Computing, Computer Science, Games Development, IT, Networks, Cyber Security, Software Engineering, as well as courses in Digital Media and Animation for example.

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Degrees at University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield specialises in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence with Computer Science, and Software Engineering. Postgraduate taught courses also include Cybersecurity and Data Analytics.

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Developer Academy

This is a retraining option for those without computing experience to learn how to code. Developer Academy is based in Sheffield and offers affordable part-time options.

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Digital and Technology Degree Apprenticeships

Sheffield Hallam University is offering BSc (Honours) and MSc degree apprenticeships in Digital and Technology Solutions. You can specialise as a Software Engineer, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Cyber Security Analyst, IT Consultant or Network Engineer. As at March 2019, SHU has 90 apprentices on programme.

Meg is a degree apprentice and trainee business analyst at Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Trust

Josh is a degree apprentice specialising in cyber security at Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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Software Developer Apprenticeship

Sheffield Digital and The Sheffield College have collaborated to develop a new model of Software Developer Apprenticeship at Level 4 – that’s post A-level and first level degree. The College is also offering apprenticeships in cyber security and network engineering at Level 4. Some Sheffield-based digital sector employers are taking students straight from school as a cost-effective way to develop new talent.

Jack’s story: 16-year-old apprentice programmer Jack at The Workshop

Connor’s story: 19-year-old apprentice business systems analyst Connor at Sheffield International Venues


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